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Executive Plenary Panel

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Computer-Assisted Techniques in Clinical and Academic Medicine

Tuesday, April 19
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Room: Grand Cypress ABC

Chair: Jerzy W. Rozenblit (The University of Arizona, Tucson)
Dr. Roger Smith (Florida Hospital Nicholson Center)
Scott Hareland (Medtronic, Cardiac Rhythm and Heart Failure Division)
Patricia Morreale (Kean University)
Huan Tan (General Eletrical Company)

This special, plenary panel will focus on how we leverage from high technology - specifically, advanced modeling, simulation, visualization, and virtualization methods - to support medical training, research, and actual medical procedures. The topics will range from minimally invasive procedures (such as laparoscopic surgery), through medical imaging, telemedicine, medical robotics, and e-health. The key theme of the panel will be the effectiveness of low and high-end technologies and the work needed to further improve their impact on medical training and practice.